Welcome to Woody Ryno Farms

Regenerative farming. Locally raised pork and poultry.


We are spring cleaning our website. Stay tuned for a crisp new look, a new online store and CSA sign up! In the meantime, come visit us out in the community or feel free to contact us directly with any inquiries.

Find us at:

email: woodyryno @ gmail.com

phone: (707) 601-9547

Woody Ryno Farms is family owned and operated by Chris and Amber in Dow’s Prairie on the bluff overlooking the mouth of Little River in Northern Humboldt County.

Since we began in 2011, our goal is to produce quality pastured pork and chicken through a whole ecosystems approach with regenerative agricultural practices that improve the biodiversity and soil health on the land we manage. Our animals are humanely raised on our land and the pasture/forest makes up roughly 40% of their diet. The pigs are supplemented with a mix of organic Okara (the by-product of soymilk and tofu production) from the Arcata Tofu Shop, and spent brewer’s grain for 6Rivers Brewery.

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